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Subutex contains only Buprenorphine. (in contrast to the other definition).

Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and naloxone,witch ensures greater dificulty of achieving a "high".

However, it is very possible to get "high" off subutex. (Personal expirience).
"Herion withdrawls may be reduced with subutex."
by The Pharmacist January 08, 2006
Almost always a white male who lives in a suburban area. This person often has little exprience with the inner-city and living conditions there. Usually lacks interaction with real African Americans, (not the media stereotypes).

Simply put, this person watches too much MTV, and he/she believes that the materialistic, grammar poor, baggy clothes, flashy jewelry, rapper stereotype portrayed in music videos is the coolest thing ever.

I believe these individuals are often confused, thus they try to emulate african american stereotypes in order to be "cool".
"Wow, look at that wigger(the confused white kid trying to be black), he's a fucking idiot".
by The Pharmacist January 08, 2006
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