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Well, I guess UrbanDicktionary isn't going to let me define PG anymore. They fucking removed a definition that had been up for a year. How about this: underage pussy doctor. You can't censor that. Who's underage? The doctor or the pussy? And what's underage? Under 40? Under 25? Assholes. You let half-literate douche bags define "Punk'd" for fuck sakes. C'mon "Punk'd?" At least fucking spell it right. I'm fucking out of here, c'mon Carl let's go eat fried chicken.
Censorship is a terrrible, terrible thing invented in the fall of 2003 to keep the thoughts and zingy, one-liners of Ben Edelman from reaching the public. People who vote for George W. Bush and who secretly touch small, woodland creatures in no-no places support censorship. God it's great to drink in the morning.
by The Original Slim Bavis April 01, 2005
Any individual who uses philosophical debate to persuade someone to sumbit to anal sex. The individual can then perform the "pink sock" manuver wherein the sides of the posterior are struck while something is inserted into the anus. This causes the anus to spasm and "attach" itself to the inserted item. The item is then rapidly removed from the anus causing the rectal lining to be pulled out with it. Hilarity ensues when the item is covered with a nice, new "pink sock".
Yo, man, Salty is the new Pink Socrates. That guy ass-banged two chicks last night and totally pink socked them. Jaime Smith and Darren's mom aren't going to be shitting right for weeks!
by The Original Slim Bavis October 27, 2004
The rather thick, obnoxious air that surrounds many drivers in the Bay Area, Denver CO, Iowa City IA and other artsy-fartsy, lefty, namby-pamby cities where people drive Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles and think they are doing their part to save the world while in reality they are just dumb.
Slim: "Hey man, it's a beautiful day out here, thanks for inviting me to the Giants/Cubs game. I've never been to the new ball park. But something in the air just doesn't feel right."

Colonel: "Shut up, douche bag you're ruining my driving experience!"

Slim: "Sorry, bro, it's pretty hard to breathe with this giant smug cloud surrounding your head!" (thanks for this one, Colonel- I know I completely stole it from you)
by The Original Slim Bavis April 01, 2009
Any friend who introduces you to hot, slutty women they know in order to bed them.
Yo Luke, thanks for being such a good vaginal shoehorn. I totally nailed Melissa to the wall!
by The Original Slim Bavis November 15, 2003
A frequently occurring event wherein, something is inserted into the vagina (a finger, a tongue, a GI Joe doll, etc.) and something else is lost on the way out (a ring, a condom, a fake mustache, Snake Eyes' kick ass Uzi, etc.).
Damn, Civilian, I was finger-banging Kalea last night and I pulled a sub-ham, minus-ham and lost my class ring. I hope Jostens refunds my money, yo, that shit had the Chandler High wolf on it!
by The Original Slim Bavis October 26, 2004
A medical malady where the sufferer constantly has feces nearly protruding from the anus. The poo has yet to be "pinched off" or broken away from the remainder of the turd still inside the rectum. Some call this condition "turtle heading" or simply "crowning" (a reference to the birth process). Much research has gone in to curing this terrible disease but as of now only symptoms can be treated. Such treatments include adult diapers, stool hardeners and stool softeners.
Crown's Disease can effect both undergarment and odor masking budgets for any and all sufferers.

Ultra Dan: Man, I hate those David Garrard commercials where he bitches about his Crohn's Disease. That ain't nothing. I got Crown's Disease.

Salty: That sucks, man, constantly touching cloth. What's your underwear budget for a year?
by The Original Slim Bavis January 08, 2009
Anytime one thing is replaced with another. Originally invented as an April Fool's Day prank. Water can be removed from any container that holds it and replaced with gin, vodka or any other clear spirit. An unsuspecting person will pour a glass and drink it down. Hopefully that person will spit it out all over their large, heaving breasts or at least go to work at a pet store completely shit-faced.
Customer: "I think that salesperson is drunk!"
Store Mananger: "It's okay miss. His roommate put Gin in the Brita."
Customer: "Wow, Gin in the Brita. Gin in the Brita? Gin in the Brita is a fucked up idea!"
Store Manager: "By Jim!"
by The Original Slim Bavis April 01, 2005
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