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A "safe" and offbeat excuse for guys to horde guns, ammunition, tactical gear and other survival supplies without being tagged as being a member of a militia or other extremist group (although your wife and neighbors may think you are a little crazy).
Bob: I just ordered 1000 rounds of 9mm for the two new Glocks I bought last week.

Tom: Damn Bob, are you one of them whacko militia members the government has been warning us about?

Bob: No, I'm just getting ready for when the Zombies attack.
by The Original Big Daddy G May 29, 2009
A woman with small breasts and loose morals.
Suzie is a "Carpenter's Wet Dream". She's flat as a board and easy to nail.
by The Original Big Daddy G April 28, 2009
The loose condition of a woman's vagina after repeated sexual intercoarse with a guy who has a large penis.
"I should have known better than to sleep with Sherry after she broke up with Tyrone. That pussy was all dug out. I had to hit it sideways to get any friction."
by The Original Big Daddy G May 04, 2009
A take off on Jennifer Lopez's "J-Lo". Prez-BO is the hip "street" name given to President Barrack Obama by conservatives.
Guy #1: "Did you hear about that crazy shit Obama is trying to pull with the cap and trade thing?"

Guy #2: "Geez, I guess that's Prez-BO's idea of change you can believe in."

Guy #3: "No shit, change is all I got left in my pocket."
by The Original Big Daddy G July 10, 2009
The nickname given by Republicans to the massive amount of earmarks (aka "pork") contained in President Obama's $3.4 trillion budget plan.
Obama's budget plan contains over $7.7 billion in Porkulous spending.
by The Original Big Daddy G April 30, 2009
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