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Metalcore is a genre that has been around since the eighties but not totally popularized until the mid 90's with bands such as Unearth, the modern forerunners in the genre. It includes a mixture of hardcore punk and heavy metal and uses generally two guitarists, a bassist and double kick drums for the instrumentals. Many bands use more than one singer, one generally for more melodic lines and the other, lead singer, who carries many of the vocal burden and usually "screams".
Metalcore bands include: 36 Crazyfists, As I Lay Dying, Bleeding Through, Bloodsimple, Diecast, God Forbid, Haste The Day, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, Norma Jean, Still Remains, Unearth, Walls of Jericho.
by The One You Seek December 20, 2006
Metal is a genre of music which has been around since the 70's and has become one of the most popular genres of music in modern day society. With the second british invasion of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, metal was quickly accepted into the American underground. Metal is a very hard genre to define due to the various opinions of many people. Some may say GnR was metal and so it started with bands like that, others may say the Metallica started it all. Whatever you say you have to give credit to Metallica for making it big with metal and making it a more known genre. Whether or not they sold out once they got there, that's not for me to say. Today metal is a global movement and has hundreds of sub-genres that delve deeper into harshness, speed and brutality, but it is safe to say that metal gave them their roots and remains the greatest genre ever.
" Dude did you hear Papa Roach's new single?"
" Yeah, why?"
" I love that kind of metal"
" Fuck you man, here's some Judas stick that in your pipe and smoke it"
by The One You Seek June 26, 2007
A word made up in a cheer at Virginia Tech that as now become a word to describe A) a member of the University and sports team B) a fan of the University C) The gobbler, or mascot of Virginia Tech. In a sense a hokie has no definition, yet that hasn't stopped anyone from using the word
UVa Guy: The hokies suck!

Tech Guy: And the Cavaliers swallow!
by The One You Seek June 14, 2007
An O.G. reppin' tha 757 and always keepin' it real. Living life 2dx, and stayin' close to dose who made him who he is. Multitalented, futballer/footballer and an upcoming rap artist. Specializing in durty souf lyrics, this man is going plizaces.
Yo man, you hurd e-janks new single? That bitch is hot!
by The One You Seek April 10, 2007
A state of society where there is no governing body, synomym for chaos. The idea of anarchy is to have an equal power distributed throughout all society, people screw that part up but wanting more than is alotted to them. There is no lack of morality, just that the morality is chosen by the individual, not by the government. Anarchy has been tried in the past, such as in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War, but has never succeeded. Anarchy usually has a negative conotation due to those who follow it and wish it, but is basically what you make it.
That guy is an anarchic! He's cool!

No, I'm afrain he's not, he voted for Bush. While he may have done this to end the world, he's a pussy for voting. He doesn't even know what Anarchy is, damn shame.
by The One You Seek April 10, 2007
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