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The act of hooking up with a person soley for the story. The origin of the phrase "Bang the Queen" references the Queen Elizabeth II of England. Now, there is no way any rationale man (or lesbian) would want to have sexual intercourse with that women. Picture her naked. All wrinkly and sagging. It's just plain nasty. Time has ravaged her once attractive, though inbred, body. However, upon learning that she is the Queen of England, she becomes instantly worth sleeping with. Why? Because you could tell people who you just banged.
You: What's up, Buddy?
Buddy: Nothing. Where were you last night? I called you, but you didn't pick up your phone.
You: I was banging the queen
Buddy: Who?
You: I was banging that chick with no legs
Buddy: You banged that chick in the wheelchair?
You: Yeah.
Buddy: Nice man. She is hot. No legs though, but still hot. Great Story.

by The One True God April 21, 2006

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