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Includes the entire West Coast and Hawaii; consists of the entire Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states; and most of the Upper Midwest, except for Iowa and the Dakotas. The states are usually full of the following:
--People who might actually have a different opinion that what Bush says.
--People who don't have to promote their religious beliefs to know they have them.
--People who use intelligent rebuttles to conflicting arguments other than "you fag!"
--People who have taste in music and art that does not soley deal with the subject of "loving neocons no matter what or else we'll kick your ass!"
--People who pay the taxes that subsidize the red states.
--People who are tolerant of other cultures outside of WASPdom.
--Believe in the equality of all men and women.
by The Northeastern Defender February 24, 2005
Plz bring me 3 dzn kryspy kremes kthx
Snow is fucking up your day:
Plz bring me 3 dzn hiway crashed kthx
by The Northeastern Defender February 28, 2005
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