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Who is Dr. Seuss
You ask and you say.
I'll answer that for you
Right now- yes today.

Dr. Seuss was an author
Who wrote some good rhymes.
He gave many children
Good memories and times.

Some people say
He claimed the word nerd.
Some say he did drugs-
I say that's absurd.

Why did he write
All these novels and books?
To set good examples for children
So they don't become crooks.

Dr. Seuss was creative-
A true poet indeed.
I don't get how he was a doctor,
But I guess at anything he can succeed.

Dr. Suess was just great.
A person you can't hate.
Any word he'd create
To fulfill his rhyming trait.

To sum it up for you
I'll say these words that are true:
Dr. Seuss you're one of the few
People that I look up to.
Dr. Seuss could make a rhyme that sounded great in no time!

Have you heard of Cat In The Hat? Well Dr. Seuss wrote that!

It was a cinch for Dr. Seuss to write The Grinch!

If there were a God Seuss, he'd be greater than Zeus! - I hope that that word was not a misuse.
by The Next Seuss Is My Excuse November 25, 2011

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