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A Girl who worships certain bands (often untalented bands), celebrities/characters (douchebags such as Edward Cullen and the Jonas Brothers), TV Series and so forth. They're often extremely annoying and disrespectful of the opinions of others, especially if they oppose their own. They can be easily confused with Teenyboppers given their many similarities such as using low-quality cell phones often plastered with countless charms, stickers and such. Often times, they will persistently behave immaturely and never hesitate to promote whatever it is they love. I could go on about this for pages and pages but to put it shortly...Fangirls are fucking annoying!!
Scene: a calm, regular lunch period

Joe: So yeah, when's that homework due?

Robert: Lemme check *Robert pulls out his schedule* It's due at 4th period

Joe: 'Kay, sweet

*Chole (a fangirl) appears*

Chloe *to her friends*: OmmGZzZ ThE JOnaS BRothErs WEre IN CoNCeRT LASt NitEEe!!!!1!

Robert: Them friggin' fangirls are so annoying, along with that gay band they worship

Joe: So true man...

*Chloe approaches Robert and Joe*
Chloe: OMfGZoRZ!!! R U H8tIng ON ThE JOnAs BRotHeRs!!!!???!

Robert: Yeah, but that's just my opinion...If you don't like it, ignore it...just chill out

*Chloe and her friends annoy the living hell out of the two*
by The N00b that Pwns March 02, 2010

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