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The act of putting ones hands together, then placing it under another unclothed, crouching person. Once in that position, the person will get momentum then shove then hands up the others rectum. When hands are removed, the fecal matter on the hands may resemble a shovel with rust on it. May be repeated if desired.
His mom gave him a Rusty Shovel last night because he didn't do his homework.
by The Mustachioed Maniac May 15, 2011
The act of defecating a very watery type of fecal matter all over the head of ones mate and/or friend.
Randyl is into some weird stuff. Yesterday night, she wanted me to Native Shower her.
by The Mustachioed Maniac May 15, 2011
A type of pornography where its beastiality with aquatic fish.
It makes you wonder how they have so many Prawnography videos on PrawnHub.
by The Mustachioed Maniac May 15, 2011

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