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a person that is a man of the world, he or she has been all over the world, generally a cool person
Person 1: Why weren't you at the crazy high school party last night?
Person 2:I was at like 20 parties in 18 countries. I'm international. Didn't you know that.
Person 1: I remember that now.

Student: Teach(er)! I'm gonna be out of town for the weekend what the heck is the world.
Teacher: Wait aren't you that kid whose completely international that we talk about at department meetings.
Student: Yes and I have a lot of real estate holdings.
Teacher: Can you hook me up with a timeshare in Aruba
Student: Fo show. I got that fo show.
Teacher:How much is it gonna cost?
Student: $200,000?
Teacher: I can easily afford that.
Student: Whats the work?
Teacher: Don't you know that completely international people are exempt from homework, income tax, and Sexual Transmitted Infections??????
by The Most Interesting Man March 12, 2008
Acronym for offshore bank of my choice

You don't her it often but when someone says it you'll now know what it means.
Person 1: Yeah sorry I accidentally killed your kids.
Person 2(Parent of the children): Sweet now I have an opportunity to make some easy money. I want about $35 million in damages and additional $5 million for the people that your weed killer knocked off.
Person 1: Ok when do you want it.
Person 2: I want it wired now to an obomc ! RIGHT NOW!
Person 1: What bank is it going to?
Person 2: Well a few mill you can throw at UBS another few mill you can through at Credit Suisse, I want some of it going to HSBC Offshore, and another few going to a bank in Nassau and the rest to the Isle of Man.
by The Most Interesting Man May 04, 2008
laughing my ass off

Generally used on instant messaging services such as AIM or Google Talk.

Contrary to popular believe lmao is pronounced luh-mao(like the Asian dictator dude)

Some say its pronounced luh-mayo but that's just a bunch of bullshit
I lmaoed all night long all night all night.

by The Most Interesting Man May 04, 2008

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