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There is no real definition of the name Christiopher there's the meaning behind it and symbolizes "one with christ" But what a Christopher really is, is a bit different...

The negative side of a Christopher is a slacker, forgetful, picks favorites, girl crazy, selfish, secretive, and can be a total douche bag too! But not ALL of it is negative there are some of a positive side to him which maybe sometimes is hard to believe considering that he comes off as being a heartless jerkface.

Yet he can be sensitive on certain subjects, funny, sweet, stubborn, lives for the moment, takes living life to a whole new level by trying to obtain every opportunity he gets, he also is a loyal boyfriend too for he will NEVER cheat on his girl for anything or anyone.
That is why if you have a Christopher, then keep him close because even though he might slip up from time to time he'll make it up to you. And if you're patient enough you'll get to see who he really is... A best friend who will support you when you are sad, or make sure you have a good time, and occationally blast both yours, and his ears out with really loud music just because he tries to have fun. Even if that means screwing around with your head for his own entertainment but then again what would the world be if there were no Wierdo Christophers?

The answer to that question is... that this would be a boring place to live in!
Maddison "Savvy whats wrong?"
Savvy "Oh nothin its just Chris..."
Maddison "what did he do this time?"
Savvy "Well its not what he did its what he is doing"
Maddison "And what would that be exactly...?"
Savvy "He's being a Christopher"
Maddison "Say no more! Thats good enough of an explination for me"
Savvy "Tell me about it..."
by The Moon's wolf October 01, 2010

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