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This message is dedicated to God of Rock: you represent everything that's wrong with music these days, not Tupac. Tupac was a lyrical genius and a poet, and by narrowing your musical views, you only add to your ignornance. You see, I love classic rock and heavy metal too. I love any music that's beautiful, passionate, and high quality. And that's what Tupac has in common with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, beleive it or not. He sang from his heart, and not for his wallet. He was a true musical genius. If anything, you should be praising him for being one of the truest rappers out there, and for being a diamond in the rough. If you have any aggresion towards hip hop, you should aim it towards fags like Nelly and 50 cent, who only rap to make money and stink up the radio with their brand of hip-hop. Some hip-hop is real, you just have to look for it. And when you do, you're gonna be blown away by it's lyrical content just like Floyd and Zeppelin, and that's what Tupac was all about, lyrical content. His life wasn't perfect, and neither was yours. Every flower must go through dirt, and that's what he did. He came from some of the roughest circumstances in this counrty, and did something about it. If you don't like Hip-Hop, that's fine.But don't set your sights on one of the few rappers that actually represents the positive impact that music can have. Peace.
You know it's funny
when it rains it pours,
they got money for wars,
but can't feed the poor
by The Message April 24, 2005

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