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An ITV now Channel 5 (FIVE) morning programme presented by Trisha Goddard.

Trisha started off as one of those morning chat shows where people could solve their 'problems'. However, it soon spiraled into almost a pantomime of sub-working class pikeys from council estates venting their extremely private issues publically.

The most common 'topic' in the ITV days was the DNA test specials, where some fat pikey teenage mother had to have a DNA test to see who the father of her child was, which usually involved a possibility of 3 fathers, which were usually a relative or a friend's partener.

Add a just as pikey studio audience into the mix and a bit of good old fashioned council estate-style scrapping, it was an unbeatable combination and was compulsive viewing.
Oh my God, I can't go to lectures, I'll miss Trisha!
by The Master of Definitions April 02, 2006

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