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(Slang) When a woman becomes sexually aroused and secretes quim from her vagina in preparation for sexual intercourse.

This term is generally used in relation to a rather old, hairy pussy.
When I watched Casualty last night, that dishy doctor gave me a right soggy moggy!
by The Master of Definitions August 17, 2007
When a man urinates sitting down, usually after making a mangina
Thomas! Are you trashed?

Yup, verry verrry much so. I couldn't stand up for a wee, I had to do a lady piss, Hannah.

Oh Jesus, Thomas.
by The Master of Definitions April 29, 2006
An expression used to describe a woman's breasts which resemble the fictional characters the Wombles' noses i.e. Large, pointy, slightly saggy, tan brown with a very large black/brown erect nipple tip.

The Womlbes were a popular television programme for Children in the 70's. They lived on Wimbledon Common and did a lot of recycling. Very ahead of their time!
James - When She took her bra off it look like the Wombles had come to visit!

Percy - Why? Did she have a gigantic furry 70's Womble muff ?

James - No!!She had tits like Wombles' noses! I almost shit myself.

Percy - Shit the bed kitten!
by The Master of Definitions November 16, 2013
(Dirty expression) When a man licks out a woman, usually with a sucking rather than licking action.

'Kebab'implies a rather rough labial area, which looks like cheap kebab meat (nasty!)
Oi, mate, i bet you want to hoover the kebab tonite, you sick little perv.

Yeah, that randy slag is well up for it.

Freakin' awesome!
by The Master of Definitions December 05, 2006
What they should have named the Blackberry - this is used to refer to 'people' who ponce around on their Blackbery's, act as though their 'working' or 'very important', or bump into you as they're not looking where their going - really, HOW important is it to get an e-mail in the 5 minutes when you pop out for a latte?
Look at that c**t on his twatberry, how important CAN receiving an e-mail be, he's only 2 minutes away from his office! what a twunt.
by The Master of Definitions November 20, 2008
(Slang) mouth

Usually used in the expression 'shut your word flap' meaning please be quiet and shut your mouth
Oi, shut ya fukin word flap, you CUNT!!!!!!!!!

A tribute to the great Billy Davis, Queen of Reading
by The Master of Definitions December 05, 2006
(Slang) A homosexual man. Originates from the late 1990's Channel 4 British Comedy Bo Selecta!

Can be used as a descriptor or a term of abuse.
Ooh, this internet's also bloody good for looking up pictures of dirty queens!

That Billy, he's such a dirty queen. He slept with 5 men last week.
by The Master of Definitions January 21, 2006
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