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A BBC 'soap opera' that has been running since February 1985.

Eastenders is set around the fictional east end of London town of 'Walford'and follows the every day events of its inhabitants lives.

The 'soap' has now passed into cult viewing, with legandary characters like 'Dot Cotton', 'Pauline Fowler' and 'Pat Buther' with her ever increasingly size earrings!

Some may see the show as beyond the realms of being believable, but that is why it is a 'soap' not a 'drama'. Whatever people may say about it, it is a British institution and compulsive viewing.
Sorry, I can't come out until 9, Eastenders is on!

Oh my GOD! Did you see Eastenders last night?
by The Master of Definitions April 22, 2006
The act of masturbation. Usually associated with female rather than male masturbation as the act is reminicent of strumming a guitar. (Usually rather rapidly!)
Lady:- Uhh, what a shit day. I'm going to go home and strum one out.

Man:- You'll never guess what? I went home last night and caught (insert name here) playing the guitar. Or at least that's what I thought, but infact she was strumming one out in the lounge!

Lady:- Awww, I'm so tetchy and need a shag!! I'm fed up of strumming one out night after night, at this rate i'm going to get an RSI unless I get some cock!
by The Master of Definitions December 15, 2011
Slang. A term used for a rather large, flappy pair of labia majora which resemble a dangly cut of beef. (Think of two flapping sirloin steaks)

'Beef flaps' are usually dark red in colour, look slightly raw and bloddy and have a lot of veins and sinew running through them.
I saw your mum's beef flaps the other day, they hung out the side of her bikini, it was rather sick, especially as i'd had sirloin steak for dinner.

Dedicated to my lovely housemates, Percy, Lex and Kieron ;-)
by The Master of Definitions March 21, 2007
A term introduced into Britain in the late 90's by comedy character 'Pauline' from the BBC's League of Gentleman.

The term was used in a meeting in Series 2 with Ross, the Job Centre investigator who sacked Pauline for gross incompetance.

The term litterally means to masturbate along to (the then ITV's) Trisha. (If you don't know what 'Trisha' is, it is a trashy morning 'programme' presented by Trisha Goddard, which has a cast of sub-working class council estate pikeys with nothing better to do than publicaly display how pikey they actually are by usually having a DNA test for some kiddy where there's a possibility of at least 3 fathers, one of which is usually a relative or a friends partener.)
Well, as you sit here with these retards, I'll be at home, flicking off to Trisha.
by The Master of Definitions April 02, 2006
When a woman has her labia majora surgically altered to her specification.

Woman usually do this if they have massive beef flaps or massive minge lips.

Other names include:-

Prada Pussy, Armani Punanni, Gucci Gash, Burberry Box, Mulberry Minge, Fendi Fanny, Versace Vag etc.......
My wife's gone off to get a designer vagina, her beef flaps were down to her knees!

I could swear she had massive minge lips, she must have gone and got herself a desginer vagina.

Happy Birthday darling!! I've bought you a Prada Pussy!
by The Master of Definitions February 29, 2008
(Noun) A female who is from the Peoples Republic of Lesbania.... in other words a female homosexual.
Oi, on yer bike, I'm not a dyke. I ain't no Lesbanian.
by The Master of Definitions January 10, 2010
A female who partakes in sexual intercourse, or attempts to seduce, any male which comes into her path. She's not fussy as to who the male is, as long as he 1) has a penis 2) has a pulse (the second isn't as vital as the first.)

She is the 'alpha' female of slags and sluts, pimping her flange out to anyone.
Oh my word, she's at it again. She's only been here 5 minutes and she's already trying to shag the living shit out of him. What a Shaggawhoreous Rex
by The Master of Definitions July 23, 2009

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