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The bubble of existence between post noob-ness, post intense newbie-ness, and during the limbo of decision-making about what motorway of life one wants to go down.
I'm comfy in buddhaville - in fact I might stay in this limbo forever then no-one can exactly know what to expect.
by The Mama with the Quan November 24, 2007
Someone who is a open cyberstalker on facebook (under either their true or false name).

Their actions are meant in either a romantic or malicious way, depending on the state of the relationship in real life.
"I've got multiple poke-dorkies on my case at the moment - think I'm gonna give facebook a miss"
by The Mama with the Quan November 24, 2007
An extra good Mullen / party

...and also a private family brewery in UK who make AK Original beer - amongst many.
"That party last night was a Mullen - let's have another but make it a McMullen!"
by The Mama with the Quan December 04, 2007
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