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To fold a hand when checking is an option. Usually only done when playing from the big blind and facing no chance of winning.
I had 25 offsuit with six opponents in and a flop of KQJ. I cold folded just to save myself the time.
#texas hold'em #cold fold #cold folding #strategy #fold
by The Maksic December 03, 2006
One fingernail left to grow longer than the other nine, used solely to scrape melted cheese off of food wrappers.
Andrew: "Eating before smoking: your logic is moderately flawed at best."
Trevor: "I'm just eating the cheese off the wrapper... I keep one fingernail just for this."
Justin: "The ol' cheese nail, huh."
#2 fat 2 ravenous #trevor #food #taco bell #cruncheweesy
by The Maksic November 12, 2006
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