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An activity in which a tennis racket is used to lob light bulbs, Christmas ornaments or other small, glass objects across parking lots, roof tops, empty streets and other public places.

Usually only played after midnight, a game consists of multiple rounds in multiple locales and can stretch across an entire city. Players can wear any tennis attire they wish, usually headbands, and need to smoke Black & Mild cigarillos while participating for maximum trashiness. Players also have been traditionally sober, which makes it that much more pathetic.

Also popularly known as "Lightbulbs to Lightbulbs."
Player 1: Man, last night was the best round of Guerrilla Tennis ever. We went until 7 in the morning!
Player 2: Who won?
Player 1: Everybody!
by The Magilla Guerrilla January 07, 2008

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