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2 definitions by The Mad Bugler

Handkerchief, a piece of cloth kept in the back pockets of toothless rednecks, that when pulled out and "waved about" serves as a signal that they're about to sneeze or hack up a lung in a particularly disgusting manner.
Cousin Billy-Bob, kin I borry your snotrag? I gots ta' aaah-AAACHOOOO!! Sorry 'bout that cousin Billy-Bob......club soda'll take that right out.
by The Mad Bugler November 11, 2002
(noun) A threaded appurtenance in the head of a metal or plastic drum for pouring contents into or out of the drum.
When a drum is emptied, you should always re-insert the bung back into the bunghole to keep the interior from being contaminated.
by The Mad Bugler November 11, 2002