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A GPCC monkey is a new world monkey of simian primates. Many scientists believe it is the final evolutionary stage of the human race. About two-thirds of the Asian population have evolved into this type of monkey. GPCC monkeys come in different shapes and sizes, but all carry similar personalities which include passiveness, submissiveness, and a panache for a never-say-no mentality. GPCC monkeys are obedient and subservient creatures that fear their employers. They are extremely hard working and will not eat, breathe, or sleep until the job is done. A known side effect of this specific lifestyle is near sightedness, however most GPCC monkeys have corrected this defect by using corrective lens.
(Caucasian employer) "I just hired a new bean counter. He seems to really like his job."

(Friend) "Is he Chinese? I hear those GPCC monkeys are great workers. They never complain and they always get the job done."

(Caucasian employer) "Damn right he's Chinese. I paid him several grand lower than market rate and told him he has to work on weekends too."

(Friend) "Awesome! We can go sailing while your GPCC monkey counts you beans all weekend long!"
by The Louis Vuitton Don December 03, 2007

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