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When someone forces you to have sex with them; rape; usually done by a rapist, hooker, or slut.

The Example below actually happened to me.
The 17 year-old, Jake, was quite handsome. When he invited Laine, a 15 year-old (and virgin), to his house, she was overwhelmed with joy. His parents were out of town, so he opened the door when she arrived. She hadn't been on the couch for 5 seconds when he had ripped of her clothes and his own. She was immediatley scared. He pushed her against the couch and began to kiss/hump her. He pressed their nude bodies together. She tried to push him off, but he was to strong and persistent. He then jammed his dick into her pussy uncerimoniously. She could feel him inside her and screamed in fear. The virgin was not enjoying herself. He pissed inside her, leaving him in her forever. She was terrified. He began to suck her nipples and lick her all over. He pumped is dick in and out of her pussy. Sometimes flippign her over and putting it in her ass. He then forced her legs apart and stuck his tongue up her pussy and hit her G-wall. She sprayed cum all over him, he licked it up sleazily. She tried to punch and kick him, but he ignored her. He put his cock back in her pussy, hitting her G-wall again, while hupping her and sucking her nipples. The girl relized she was being raped. The boy had just forced sex from the little virgin.
by The Little Virgin April 13, 2012

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