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By all means the greatest food ever concieved. If you haven't eaten this delectable treat, you may begin now. If you think you're going to be the "rebel" and not consume them, then you will be thrown into Monroe Township where heathens such as John Degregorio will consume your eternal soul.
People: We need something delicious and nutritious to cling onto in our time of need.

God: I bless you with Ramen Noodles.

Group 1: Beef is the best.

Group 2: Chicken is the best.

Beef Lovers: I'll kill you, dirty cock lovers.

This caused a revolt which ultimatley destroyed existence.
by The Last Gunslinger May 25, 2005
Another one of Dubya's mistakes. The biggest bullshit program ever instituted in the history of the United States, aside from maybe the Draft. While participating in No Child Left Behind, the lessons you will be taught are dumbed down so children like George W. Bush can be pushed through the school year. Too bad the advanced students have to deal with the remedial bullshit too.

We couldn't have the remedial, general, and advanced classes anymore, can we?
Worker: I had to deal with No Child Left Behind, now I work at a gas station.

Governer: I was elected governer because I had the best grades out of my high school class, a whopping 1.7 GPA!

Random Citizen: De De DEE! I are smart! No child left ahead really worked for me!
by The Last Gunslinger April 22, 2006
Pronounced summit, this word means "something" in interent short-hand. Coined by Josh Hajduk, this term has become quite popular.
Are we going bowling or someat?

Let's get out of the road before we're run over or someat.

Someat someat someat someat chicken.
by The Last Gunslinger June 21, 2005
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