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An idea developed first by Queen Eleanor of England. Basically, it encouraged gentelmenly behavior between knights, and proposed a system of courting ladies to gain their hearts instead of dragging them home by their hair (sarcasm).
The White Knight very politely sliced his opponents head off and carried it back to his lady. He slept on the couch that night.
by The Kestrel January 06, 2005
A piece of sharpened metal. It comes in many different styles, ranging from the curve-bladed katana to the Medieval longsword to the fencing epee, foil, and sabre used in the modern sport. The blade can we sharp on the tip, one side, both sides, or even completely dull. A handle is preferrable, but some sword fighters prefer to cut their own hands off when sword fighting, and thus often find themselves falling to pieces in a fight.
I swung my sword at my opponents chest, hoping to slice him in half.
by The Kestrel January 06, 2005

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