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The lesser popular relative to :) (A smiley face)
Who the hell has the time to type out :-) in internet conversation anyways? Screw :-)! I'm stickin' with :)! :P
by The K. Funk March 24, 2010
One of the greatest breakfast cereals to hit the stores in a long time.
It's the perfect thing to snack on late at night, or in the middle of the day, or whenever you just get the munchies.
Special K is usually portrayed as a womens only cereal but hey, it can be for dudes too! Special K Chocolate is sooo damn good!
by The K. Funk April 06, 2010
A place you go to when you're incredibly high.
Damn, dude! Jake brought some of that good shit down here the other day and man.. We got so fucked up, we fuckin' went to outerspace!
by The K. Funk March 24, 2010
Something someone might say if they are shocked by something startling to them. Or, something that you might hear Inspector Gadget say.
Penny: Uncle Gadget! I think we found the secret hideout to Dr. Claw!
Inspector Gadget: WOWZERS!
by The K. Funk February 15, 2010

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