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Communist Revolutionary that sadly was born on the wrong planet. Communism will never work with Human beings because we are competitive and greedy by nature. We cannot work as ants do in a hive (Even though they have a queen, they are pure communist, just watch a colony one day and you'll see) for the pure benefit of all man, if we don't have some kind of immediate benefit (money, fame, etc) nothing will get done. The only reason most countries have stayed communist is because of their very opressive military prescence on their streets. Capitalism is, unfortunately, the way of Humans and monarchy is also very popular. People WANT to be told what to do by someone smarter than them, they want to buy stuff, they want to worship paper and metal, thats how it is.
Poor Che Guevara, if ony he knew
by The Joe Murray November 25, 2005

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