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1a.)(verb) When someone works with the celerity and efficiency of THE joomy of PC Fort Lauderdale.

2.) (Noun) A joomy works very hard in school, and is often very good with their gender counter-parts. Joomy's are often used to describe an azn whom watches anime secretly behind everyone else's back. A joomy is typically very respected in her grade. Everybody loves a joomy but a joomy doesn't love everybody.

Note: Joomy is also the sound of onomatopoeic sound of bouncing boobs.
1.) Stop joomying, you're working too hard.

2.)Jonathan: Wow, she's really cool. I wish I could be like her, with those straight A's and yet still have that aura of coolness; avoids the nerdiness. I respect her a lot for that.

Jason: She's a joomy.

Jonathan: really?

Jason: Yeah. She secretly watches anime. She just doesn't tell anyone.
by The Jade Prince September 02, 2008
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