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One who masterbates furiously while defacting.
the dude in the next stall is poopsterbating like crazy!!! He's a poopsterbator!!!
by The JDH October 27, 2011
The act of a Russian taking a dump.
Igor! Pull ze van over I have to shitsky!
by The JDH January 16, 2013
An athletically built african american male. An exceptionally well physiqued black man.
Damn! Shaniquakeisha, check out that boofcake over there! He gonna be my next baby daddy!
by The JDH January 18, 2013
A piece of shit from Utah.
Man, every time I come to Idaho I gotta deal with all these Uturds.
by The JDH August 19, 2009
A young person or kid who is acting like a complete and utter douche bag. A play on salmon smolt which spawn and swim out to sea- a douche smolt spawns and migrates to where it can be the most douchey, around older douche bags.
That little kid is a pathetic douche smolt. Look how he migrates toward all those big groups of douche bags.
by The JDH July 24, 2009
A derrogatory term for a mouth.
The editors of urban dictionary need to shut their cum sumps and publish this definition.
by The JDH July 23, 2009
A combination of "grogan" and "fantastic". Usually used to describe an awesome corned beef and cabbage shit.
I drank some guiness and took a grogastic St. Patty's Day shit!!!
by The JDH August 19, 2009

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