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3 definitions by The International Wool Secretariat

A hambeast or buttergolem of the antipodean variety. This peculiar creature is thankfully incapable of reproduction as there are no beer goggles in the whole rocking world thick enough to render the thing rootable even by the most desperate.
Hiya Snowpony! You look like a Kadaitcha Dancer!
A peculiar subvariant of the fatbeard genus. A dragynn is primarily composed of 90% lard, 5% extraneous fiber (or 'hair'), and 5% bitter, bitter tears. Dragynns' natural habitants include dimly-lit basements and bedrooms and tarpaper shacks. Their diet mainly comprises anything which will stand still long enough. Dragynns constitute an an invaluable natural resource, which if properly processed and rendered, could make the USA independent of all soap imports. A single dragynn if properly prepared can feed a family of four for at least two years and moves are afoot to breed these shy beasts on a commercial scale, most likely using adapted veal crates to keep their distinctive flesh a desirable pasty white.
Galloping gizzards! A dragynn off the starboard bow!
A sad fatbeard in a poorly constructed animal costume; a bestialist; a person who believes himself to be a wolf or other popular animal; an imaginary animal-headed character; the homeless bagpeople of the geek fandoms.
Man, you're just a lowdown nogood furry.
by The International Wool Secretariat February 16, 2005