1 definition by The Insultinator

A Wannabe Regis Philbin impersonator that thinks it's ok to be to a homophobic judgemental prick of an old man, that judges a boy that likes art and poetry and hanging around with girls as "friends" as being a "possible gay".
With 10 Votes Mr Robertson.. YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK.....GOODBYE! *plays the walk of shame music as Pat walks of the stage and the camera cuts to his weazened old face as he bitterly says :"It so much... *wheeze* possible that yer son could be...*low gutteral gasp* gay....Ohhhh He's gonna get his time in the lake of fire...AWWWWW *falls over and the screen goes to the sign off bars*
by The Insultinator January 11, 2004

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