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One who claims to be vegetarian, yet eats chicken, fish, and sometimes pork. Will eat the dead muscle tissue of animals as long as they weren't "cute and fuzzly" in life.
Veggie Poser: Eating beef is MURDER! -eats turkey burger-
by The Indie Chick October 22, 2006
A vegan is someone who does not consume or use anything that is derived from animal cruelty. Vegans pertain to this standard on various levels: Vegans never eat milk, eggs, meat, or gelatin (boiled animal bones), or products containing them. But some vegans consume honey, and some consume white sugar (which could be filtered through charcoal made from cows' bones). Vegans never wear leather, but I have known a few who wear wool that is certified to come from farms where the sheep are happy, healthy, hormone-free, humanely sheared, and not mulesed*.

Vegans are not necessarily hippies, activists, pacifists, or crazies... but some of them definitely are, and they scare me.

*Mulesing is the act of cutting flaps of skin off of a sheep's hindquarters to keep parasites away; it is often performed without anesthesia.
I was vegan (still had sugar and honey) for a time, but my family is full of cooks and bakers, so I eat dairy and eggs if it's a special occasion and the dish was made by a family member.
by The Indie Chick October 22, 2006
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