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The only real weapon that is effective in fighting Social Terrorism. (Basically friends who show up at your place, and refuse to leave.)
Ding- dong!

Sally: "Hi! May i come in?"
You: "No - go away. Goodbye."

Door slams.

Counter Social Terrorism. Tough, clean and as nasty as the terrorist itself.
by The Incredible Nerd/Junkie September 30, 2010
Julian Assange was born in Australia in 1971. He is a modern hero of our times.

Wen he was young he was a programmer, hacker/cracker and he is concidered to be an "internet activist". To day he is mostly known as the founder of wikileaks.org, a news web page that specialize in source protection and goverment secrets. The US stated that he was a terrorist and some called for his assasination.

In late 2010 he was arrested and thrown in jail in the UK, with no charge other than the Swedish police wanted to interview him about an sexual harrassment episode. The arrest has helped Assange to rise to an almost legendary status allready among civil rights movements for his sacirifice for the freedom of speech and a free press.
Julian Assange is allready a legend. If they made a movie about his life until now, it would probably be like "Wargames" combined with "Jason Bourne identity".
by The Incredible Nerd/Junkie December 08, 2010
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