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The hole nearest the jutzee (refer to jutzee) or dick. The hole is frequented less, however can bring pleasure to both sexes. This hole is able to be milked (see milking prostate) however this milk is not recommended for your morning beverage of choice.
"He copped it up the jatzee!"

"Tap that jatzee"

"Don't be a tight jatzee"

"It's in my jatzee... it's in my jatzee!"
by The Inappropriator February 12, 2010
The hole near to the Jatzee (Please refer to Jatzee). The Jutzee (pronounced Joot-see) provides pleasure for both males and females but serves a vital purpose in the reproduction of mankind.
A nice word for lady parts.
Matt-"Dude...that cheerleaders skirt is so short, I think I just saw jutzee!"

Ian-"Nah man, I reckon thats her jatzee!"
by The Inappropriator February 12, 2010
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