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3 definitions by The Iconoplast

When the Soles of the feet are blackened or dirty.

The "hippie feet" phenomenon mainly occurs on the bottom of the foot. Primarily caused by bare feet walking on blacktop or any other filthy ground surface.

It is important to note that having hippie feet does not make you a hippie ... just means you gotta wash your feet and at least wear sandals whilst in public.
1. I lost my sandles at the beach, so I had to walk back to the car barefoot, and now I have a bad case of the hippie feet.

2. Yeah her toenail polish was cute, but that is totally negated by the hippie feet.

3. Hunny... I know you hate it when I have hippie feet, but you're gonna have to deal with it because it's hot and shoes are too cumbersome right now.
by The Iconoplast June 19, 2009

An individual that uses smug and often sarcastic comments to deliver thinly veiled put downs. The person that delivers smarmy comments.
"How dare you call me smarmy?! You are the true Smarmer here!"


"Keep your shitty comments to yourself you fucking Smarmer"

by The Iconoplast April 16, 2009
This is a compound word, combining benevolence and violent.
Beneviolence encapsulates the feeling you get when you encounter a level of stupidity that upon first reflex should warrant physical harm. Yet instead of responding with destruction you cordially grit your teeth and hide your rage with a smile... because in the grand scheme of things you feel pity for the sad individual that inspired this feeling.
1. Josh's beneviolence was beggining to show as he was cleaning up the messes of his clueless co-workers.

2. When seeing the mess that little Johnny made, I reacted with enough beneviolence to let him know that he was in trouble.

3. Your beneviolence is gonna make you grind your teeth down to nubs... you should just let it out one day...
by The Iconoplast November 15, 2010