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To run the mile means to are getting drunk. If you are only paritially drunk then maybe you only ran the half mile, or if your tipsy maybe you only ran the quarter mile. but if you run the full mile then you are considered wasted. In order to run the mile you must have running shoes (alcohol). Origin: Two men were drunk on homecoming night and had to get back home, they ended up running about a mile back to their house.
Harry decided to run the mile and ended up on the toilet all night. Mitch decided to run the mile and ended up barfing everywhere.
by The Human Noodle December 24, 2010
Flying the mile is getting high through the use of marijuana. In order to fly the mile you need plane tickets (Marijuana), and a Plane (device used to smoke). If your flying first class that means you have smoked nice bud. but if you are flying coach then you have only smoked regular bud. A Pilot (Pot Head) is frequent flyer.
Harry the pilot decided that he was going to fly the mile, but the authorities confiscated his plane, alot with his plane tickets. I am munchin' hard because i just flew the mile.
by The Human Noodle December 24, 2010

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