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Plural of mini.
A short, or not so short, nap.
Made popular by Maddog.
I'm tired, time to take a mini.
by The Herm February 26, 2004
The most well known person on Saint Louis University's campus. Drinks Miller beer and studies economics. Takes minis.
Has a kick-ass birthday party.
One of the founders of Studio 52.
Hey Maddog, let's do a power hour!
by The Herm February 26, 2004
Coolest Club ever, started at Saint Louis University.

President is Jeff
VP is Maddog
Oh man, I wish I was cool enough to join Studio 52...
by The Herm February 26, 2004
Short for Saint Louis University
I'm an upper-middle-class, white, private school kid, and I can't wait to start attending SLU!
by The Herm April 08, 2005
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