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2 definitions by The Hedonist

One of the greatest rookies to ever play the game of (Rugby League). His Iron Shoulder has the ability to crack the sternum and sit any man in the entire sporting world on his ass, as long as they have the balls to run at him. He is my Hero!His shoulder charge is so famous and consistent that the shoulder charge is now known as a (Sonny Bill).
Sonny Bill Williams pumelled Adrian Morley. Morley droped his balls and didn't run it the rest of the game. Criag Wing is homosexual but is a good player.
by The Hedonist March 30, 2005
77 47
verb. The bone crunching shoulder charge performed by Sonny Bill Williams. Can be performed by other "wannabies" as long as it is acknowleged as being a Sony Bill rather than a hit or shoulder charge.
1.Sonny Bill absolutley Sonny Billed Adrian Morley. It sounded like bone against concrete!
2. Mark O'Meley pulled off a Sonny Bill on Finch and Finch started crying "Mummy Mummy i want to go home... Mummy Mummy i take it up the ass" said Finch and the rest of the Roosters for that matter.
by The Hedonist March 30, 2005
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