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2 definitions by The Happy Homesick Alien

Someone who runs themself into the ground at work in the (sometimes misguided) grand persuit of a little extra credit on their flexi-time record. These people usually arrive in the office at 0700 and leave at 1800, normally sporting a pale and nervous disposition
Office Worker 1: "Why are you working so late?"
Office Worker 2: "To get some credit on my flexi so I can leave early on Friday"
Office Working 1: "You flexi junkie!!"
by The Happy Homesick Alien January 04, 2008
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An exclamation of surprise, shock, pain or anger. A mild replacement for such phrases as "Jesus Christ!!", "F**king hell!!" and "Holy S**t!!". Also a character in the film "The Kentucky Fried Movie".
Friend 1: "Are you alright?"
Friend 2: "No, I just trapped my hand in the door"
Friend 1: "Oooo, Ada Gronick!! That must have hurt!!"
by The Happy Homesick Alien February 23, 2008
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