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Another slang term for american money
Well shit you know how much that cd cost me...15 dead prez.. *sheesh*
by The Great Mr Slamm-0! July 19, 2005
A act of punching a guy in the nutz to eather be a ass hole or to end a fight.
wow bob droped chuck like a bad habbit after he he ball shoted him.
by The Great Mr Slamm-0! July 18, 2005
A role playing game that came out in 1989 that can be easly discribed as a mix between lord of the rings meets the matrix. The game is played useing a main rule book some paper, pens and a hand full of 6 sided dice.
Hey this friday you want to gather up your friends and play some shadow run?
by The Great Mr Slamm-0! July 18, 2005
A joke word made up to discribe a person who is both intrested in card games and who likes to play table top role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.
We fluckers gotta stick together...though im not sure what we should play tonight...magic the gathering or shadowrun?
by The Great Mr Slamm-0! July 18, 2005
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