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SCI-EN-TISM-IST = Adherent of Scientism (Religion based on Science). Not to be confused with Mary Baker Eddy's CHRISTIAN SCIENCE or L. Ron Hubbard's SCIENTOLOGY.
Scientismists are usually atheists or agnostics. Sometimes they are members of mainstream religious groups, but, they tend to view the religion as being mostly a MORAL foundation, with God and Scriptural stories being symbolic rather than literal. "Cause & Effect" or "Action and Result" are common rules of thumb for the Scientismist. I avoid an action, not for fear of Hell, but to avoid the scientifically proven result of that action.
by The Grapplin' Chaplain August 10, 2006
Hook Master = Master of "Hook Wrestling" (or Hook Fighting) aka "Catch Wrestling", usually known today as "Submission Wrestling". In its purest form, Submission Wrestling has NO points, NO rounds and NO time limits. Two grapplers wrestle until one "gives up" or "submits", either voluntarily, or by knock out (eg, passing out from a choke hold).

Hook/Catch/Submission WRESTLING or GRAPPLING uses NO strikes whatsoever, but Hook/Catch/Submission FIGHTING does (puncing, kicking, knees, elbows, headbutts).

Replaces outdated "hooker", which, since the civil war came to mean "prostitute". See HOOKER.
Mr. Goven is a Hook Master. Start a fight with him and you will likely end up unconscious!
by The Grapplin' Chaplain August 10, 2006
G reco
R oman
E uropean
A merican
M artial
A rts

A modern martial art based on the Western styles throughout history. Derives from the arts of Pankration (Ancient Greece), Boxing, Throw Wrestling, Submission Wrestling (aka Catch or Hook Wrestling), Savate (France), Fencing, Philipino Martial Arts, etc.
JuJitsu and Muay Thai are about the only Asian Martial Arts that seem any good to me. Most are total bullshit. GREAMA and its ancestors have been combat and competition PROVEN for THOUSANDS of years.
by The Grapplin' Chaplain August 10, 2006
A Kung-Fu master who talks about how great Kung-fu is, and how it is much better than any and all other martial arts, but, when you offer to do some full contact sparring with him, even with rules, and gear, and a neutral referee, he just CHICKENS OUT!
Jet Li says that Kung-Fu is the best, but, he refuses to fight Matt Hughes! What a Kung-Fu Chicken! MMA rules!
by The Grapplin' Chaplain July 28, 2006
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