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Kids who convince themselves that life is horrible. Often, they will cut themselves AND draw on bruises to make it look like NOT ONLY did they cut themselves but daddy beat them, when in reality they're spending his money on all the emo clothes and the studded belt. They turned the studded belt, which used to be in the domain of metal, into almost an embarrassment. often just want attention and sex.
As a funny after thought, there used to be no emo kids, just "Emo" as an insult from Hardcore kids. Not to be confused with punk or hardcore.
There are two types of emo kids: Dark and Bright
Dark emo kids often have really dark clothing, really dark eyes, and don't talk a lot. They are truly anti-social, might be quite content not having friends, and are truly introverted. Don't try to befriend them, you'll fail miserably.
Bright emo kids are the most poseur kids ever. Generally, they have great lives in giant suburban homes and are incredibly social, but use the emo movement as a ruse to get attention. They love to complain about every little thing that's wrong with them, and if you try to socialize with them and you're not another bright emo kid, you will instantly be inundated with bullshit. Generally, they tend to be of the more popular kind, and are the females of this type can grow to be quite annoying, and the men can grow to be quite frustrating as you try to convince them that their lives don't suck.
Damn, look at Kate! The year's almost over and she still hasn't a single friend!
Bright emo kid: *cry* will you listen to my poem? I wrote it last night after my dad beat me. *cry*
Me: No. Can I see your arm? *rubs off ink* your dad didn't beat you.
Bright emo kid (in frustration): Ow, that hurt! That's a bruise! *cry*
Me: No it isn't. I just wiped it off. *Makes angry faic* Don't lie to me man.
by The Ghoul September 10, 2005

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