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\werk-stur\n. adj. A word coined by New York's Blackout Artists for an individual who has chosen the responsible path in life while still remaining to ooze coolness. Workster's value non mainstream music, the arts, blogs, bikes, skateboards long and short, vintage-esque clothes (on the nights and weekends), fitness, social settings, moderate politics, hobbies, capitalism, and careers with a future.
Lawyer 1: Bill, what are you listening to?
Lawyer 2: Yeasayer
Lawyer 1: Never heard of-em
Lawyer 2: Most people haven't
Lawyer 1: ...fucking workster

Banker 1: Steve, I can't stand this baggy-ass button down. There's always so much shit in the back. Does Macy's carry that fitted shirt you were wearing yesterday?
Banker 2: No
Banker 1: ...fucking workster

Rando super-hot girl at lounge: I love those boots. And that shirt is awesome- what vintage store did you find that at?
Corporate Real Estate Analyst: Saks.
Rando super-hot girl at lounge: ...fucking workster
by The Generator Moderator November 10, 2010
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