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An argument, often between Husband and Wife
Those two seem to be having a Lover's Tiff!
by The G Daddy September 09, 2003
A type of greasy fish made famous by Harry Hill
I ate a nice tinned Sild last night
by The G Daddy September 09, 2003
An annoying younger brother, also know shpindee and shpinderino.
Shpindee, it's time for dinner! Remember to put on you bib and sit in your highchair!
by The G Daddy September 10, 2003
The same thing as a Titty Twister or even a Purpler Nurple.
When someone surprises you by twisting your nipple round painfully.
I'm gonna get you, ya little bitch.
OK - Just don't give me a nipple cripple!
by The G Daddy September 09, 2003
A variation of Cocaine, unsurprisingly spherical in shape before either being burnt and inhales or cut up and snorted.
Mr A: You got the Grand's worth of Snow?
Mr B: I've got the goods if you've got the Fabric.
by The G Daddy September 09, 2003

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