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police slang for Be On the Lookout
We put out a BOLO for suspicious characters.
by The Frugie January 19, 2005
Brooklyn-based hardcore rap group Mash Out Posse. The group is actually a duo consisting of Lil' Fame and Billy Danze. They're underground legends and are probably best known for their 2000 hit Ante Up.
M, dot, O, dot, P dot...I will fuck you up nigga.
-Lil' Fame
by The Frugie December 20, 2004
archane slang for drunk
I don't remember that. I was in the bag by then.
by The Frugie December 21, 2004
A polite way of describing an attractive, possible freaky, young broad.
How bout those debutantes. You think they're out of high school?
by The Frugie December 22, 2004
1. Someone that loves penii.
2. A girl that can't see, suck, or fuck enough dicks.
Robin Swanson is a dick fiend.
by The Frugie December 30, 2004
The process of acquiring goods (legally or illegally) and selling them online for a profit, often through eBay.
Fuck a swap meet. You need to get with this eHustle.
by The Frugie December 28, 2004
A cross between a debutante and a skank. Basically, a "daddy's little girl" that is steadily becoming a slut.
That's no debutante; that's a debuskank. I bet she'd let the whole crew hit it.
by The Frugie December 22, 2004

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