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An expression of excitement, boredom, disgust, anger, or other's stupidity/incompetence.
Ken: Fo schnizz! I just got a high score on Alien vs. Predator 3!
Emily: Fo schnizz, dude.
Georgina: That alien fight scene was so fo schnizzin' disgusting!
Ham: Why the fo schnizz are you caring about Ken and not me?
Lara: Fo schnizz, Ken. Fo schnizz.
by The Fo Schnizzle Man July 12, 2008
A very special sort of complicated high five in which you give another person knucks, pull your hand back, give them a high five, turn around, yell "Hop Schweitz!", and begin to do the "Youuu.." part from the Soulja Boy dance whilst yelling "Sei-zure! Sei-zure! Seizure!"
*At Haunted House Trip*
Guide- Does anyone have seizures easily?
Daphne- Sei-zure! Sei-zure!
Lauren- *whispers to Daphne*
Both- *do the Seizure Dance*
by The Fo Schnizzle Man October 26, 2008
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