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Member of RC Empire. Pwned several times in all aspects of life. Claims to harbor extensive knowledge on computers, but actually learned the basics after munching on sandstorm's penis.
Starblazer: "lets bild brigdes not burn them."
by The Flaming Potatothief October 10, 2005
A horribly shitty webpage started by a few sad individuals from Lincoln County High School in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Dubbing themselves the "Random Crap Crew," the members of RC Empire engage in and film hilariously unoriginal activities such as jousting on escalators, smashing used automobiles, and circle-jerking. Has sparked several "online wars" with other shitty webpages such as Ignus Software (owned by Vasco Ignus), Ragtime, and W00tco.
"Man, W00tco definitely pwned RC Empire."

"You've got a real RC Empire on your hands there." (referring to something poorly constructed)
by The Flaming Potatothief October 10, 2005
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