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1) A phrase used to describe a large margin of victory, often with the intent to degrade the losing team or player.
2) To have a relaxing day fishing in a calm river. To tame the river, just for the sake of proving your superiority over said river.
3) A term used to describe the incredible feat of Bilbo Baggins when he rode down the river on barrels through Mirkwood to save the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain, shows the power of the Fellowship.
4) Any fantasy football team that has Philip Rivers at QB and foolishly believes that he will lead their team to victory.
5) Slang for embarrassing.
6) Phrase used to imply failure.
I rode all over the rivers today in my fantasy football game.

Notre Dame had their rivers riden all over last week in that embarrassing loss.

I'm riding the rivers, and it is only too easy.

Hate to burst your bubble, but I just stopped the river.
by The Fellowship team October 23, 2011

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