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1. Full Boll Weevil

Losing control of all bodily functions while still remaining conscious as a result of heavy drinking, resulting in puking, pissing, and shitting yourself at the exact same moment in time, but not being able to do anything about it.
"Sheesh, what the hell’s up with Doc? He’s flat on the ground, face-up, and smiling out there in the cold!"
"Oh, man, he just did the Full Boll Weevil after drinking too many Cuba Libres and smoking too much KB."
"Poor SOB needs a shower and a complete change of clothes!"
by The Evil Boll Weevil April 25, 2007
a smelly belch, non-silent type
"Geez, Doc, next time you eat dogshit and let fly a throat fart like that, point your head in another direction!"
by The Evil Boll Weevil August 13, 2008
hot dog
What's for dinner?

How 'bout a grilled beef anus roll?

Make that two!
by The Evil Boll Weevil January 25, 2011
Hey man, whatcha bring for lunch?

Horse cock sandwich. Want half?

by The Evil Boll Weevil January 25, 2011
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