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A description of an individual who neglects to wash their hands after using the restroom. When refering to a specific individual, it becomes Dick Kands.
person 1: See that guy, hes got dick hands.
person 2: What a filthy fucking animal. What if someone shakes hands with him, and then eats?
person 1: That is a classic case of primary contact. Keep your hands to yourself. Its tough love, you know.

Upon a later encounter..

person 1: Hey, theres Dick Kands.
by The Dumpster June 19, 2006
Mediocre and overhyped movie loved by members of Generation X and Y, a significant portion of which are regular users of mind altering substances and went to private school. 9 out of 10 stoners find this film "intelligent" and "deeply moving". Similarly, they reviewed "Dude, Wheres my Car" as a "thrilling mystery caper with an unexpected plot twist".
With movies like this, who needs movies. - Dirk Calloway
by The Dumpster January 18, 2005
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