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What a house becomes after the person owning it has had sex in every room.
Dave bought a house and within a week he only needed to pound a girl in the attic to make it a home.
#house #hmoe #sex #pounding #lovin
by The Dude 88 July 05, 2006
One of those big bad donkey/gorilla cocks that absolutely destroy the puss.
Stacy was suprised to see what Jamal was packing despite the fact he warned her at the bar he was packin' a wonka.
#dick #cock #big gorilla guy #purple headed yougurt slinger #one-eyed monster
by The Dude 88 February 09, 2008
Code speak for nigger....it's "nig" spelled backwards allowing you to use it in social situations withought actually revealing your unwavering racism...
James: Uh oh, Tim just walked in "again"("a gin")...
Me: God damn we're gonna have to beat that gin down and lynch him to set an example for all the black folk..
#nigger #jigaboo #raccoon #stanky naggers #rick ross
by The Dude 88 February 16, 2008
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