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1. The subject of dispute in an adversarial legal system.

2. The subject of dispute in a sex starved, estrogen fueled, female dominated law school section.
slam piece:"IS THAT CHUCK NORRIS in a camp shirt?
bitch: Hell no, thats the issue!
skank: I thought he was a ninja?
chick: He's just a guy that sweats testosterone, drops panties, and fucked the gunner's gf.
by The Dissent February 04, 2010
1. Button down utility shirts made of durable fabric containing pockets on each breast, bicep, oblique, and completed by a buttoned shoulder strap.

2. Panty dropping gear.
Question: "Bro, what are you wearing on the party bus?"

Answer: "The Issue is wearing a camp shirt."
by The Dissent February 04, 2010
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